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You can print out a complete or partial loan package below or if you prefer you can call us at 800-792-2526 and we will mail you a loan package.

To print some of the loan forms listed below (pdf Files), you must currently have the Acrobat Reader program installed on your computer.
To download and install the Acrobat Reader program on your computer,
click here Download Acrobat Reader, then follow the download instructions.

The rest of the forms are in web page (HTML) format.  Just click on the file and the form will come up on your screen and then you can print the form.

INTERACTIVE Loan Application Form 1003 (pdf file) You can fill out online and either save it as a Acrobat Reader (PDF) file ( i.e. yourlastname.pdf) and e-mail the file to us as an attachment, or print it off and fax it to us. This is a fairly large file (558 KB), so give it time to load.   (To print this Five Page Form Requires Standard SIZE Paper Settings of 8 X 11.  May not work with AOL e-mail.

STANDARD Loan Application Form 1003 (pdf file) Requires printing out the form and filling out in ink then faxed or sent to us.  To print this Five Page Form Requires Standard SIZE Paper Settings of 8 X 11.

Including the above 1003 application, complete your loan package by
printing the following eight pages and filling out or signing pages 2 thru 8.

1. Supplemental Information And Necessary Documentation Needed
    (html file) 8 X 11
2. Equal Credit Opportunity, Fair Lending, Appraisal Report Notice
    (pdf file) 8 X 11
3. Form f4506t (pdf file-Two Page-Front Side & Backside) 8 X 11
4. Form f8821 (pdf file-Two Page-Front Side & Backside) of 8 X 11
5. Disclosure Authorization (html file) 8 X 11
6. Statement Of Occupancy (pdf file) 8 X 11
7. Purpose of Refinance (html file) 8 X 11
8. Servicing Disclosure Statement (pdf file) 8 X 11)

You can also, DOWNLOAD a complete loan package (837 KB in size) that is in a zip format.  If you do not have a Zip/Unzip program.  There are some that you can download like: jzip   Once unzipped the files are all in PDF format so you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to open the files and print them.

MARGIN SETTINGS FOR LEGAL SIZE PAPER:  Some printers may require different margin settings, or no margin settings at all.  The margin settings that work most of the time are: Top 0.5" Left, Right & Bottom set at 0.25".  You may have to experiment a little so that you can print all the pages properly.

Forms for Employers, Banks and Rental Management Companies

Verification of Employment (pdf file) of 8 X 11
Verification of Rent (pdf file) of 8 X 11
Verification of Deposit (pdf file) of 8 X 11
Good Faith Estimate (pdf file) (This Two Page Form Requires LEGAL SIZE Paper Settings of 8 X 14)

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